Over time, our customers have sent us a variety of questions. We are always happy to answer them. Once in a while, we identify a question that comes in repeatedly, and when that happens, we add it to this FAQ file. If you have a question to ask us, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form on this website in order to pass it along. We will be happy to answer your question for you. It may be helpful, though, to read through our FAQ file and see if anyone has previously asked the same question (or, more accurately, if a lot of people have previously asked the same question). The answers you seek might already be right on this page. We are happy to address individual concerns and, if you have a question you don’t want shared because it is very specific, that’s okay too. Just let us know when you use the contact page on our website to get in touch with us.

Q. What’s the difference between a penis pump and an extender?

A. A penis pump is actually a very specialized piece of equipment. Some, like the ones on our website, are sold as devices to be used for sexual pleasure. They fall under the heading of “marital aids,” like dildos or vibrators or even masturbators. But a penis pump is also a means of treating the very real and incredibly common problem of erectile dysfunction. There are plenty of men who cannot gain and keep a satisfying erection or, if they can get hard, they can’t keep themselves hard long enough to successfully have sex to completion with a partner. There are a lot of different treatments for erectile dysfunction, ranging from medications like Viagra to injections and even surgery. But there are also plenty of reasons a person might not choose to use any of these things in order to get an erection. Doctors may then prescribe medical-grade penis pumps to help treat that problem. The penis pump is a vacuum device that fits over the penis. It is equipped with a squeeze bulb, a lever, or an electric motor. When pumped or otherwise activated, it creates a vacuum that draws blood from the body into the penis, helping you to get an erection that is harder, thicker, and sometimes longer than you could without the pump. The treatment is a purely physical one and involves no medications, so there are only a few physical side effects. For example, a penis pump is usually used in conjunction with a cock ring to keep yourself hard while you have sex. This is an elastic band you place around the base of the penis to help keep the blood in your penis. The use of the cock ring may make it feel like it is harder to ejaculate than without, and the erection you get from a penis pump may feel a little strange compared to your “normal” erections at first. You may also see some red dots forming on your penis that are the result of the suction force causing blood to appear below the surface of your skin (and this is harmless and entirely normal, an effect that you’ll sometimes see when you have sex a lot and stay hard for a long time). One of the advantages of penis pumps is that they have none of the nasty side effects of the medications often used to treat erectile dysfunction.

A penis extender, by contrast, is a means of making your penis bigger or longer by wearing what is essentially a hollow dildo on your penis. Many of these extenders are designed to be worn while you are yourself mostly erect, and they may even have texture inside them that makes the experience sexually gratifying. This means you get to have great sex while your partner enjoys the extension. This is one way to give your partner a deeper, more satisfying, or longer sexual experience. The stamina aspect is particularly important. No longer are you at the mercy of your erection when you wear a full-length extender. The extension will stay hard as long as you want to have sex, so you can pump away on your lady friend for as long as she’s enjoying the experience.

Q. Does a penis pump cure erectile dysfunction?

A. A penis pump is one of the few ways that erectile dysfunction can be treated without drugs or surgery. It does not cure erectile dysfunction so much as it provides you a way of working around the problem. While a penis pump probably can’t help you if you are completely flaccid and unable to get even the start of an erection, if you are already semi rigid, the pump can help make your erection bigger, stronger, thicker, and longer lasting, especially if you use it in conjunction with a cock ring to keep the blood in the shaft of your penis. Nothing short of surgery will “cure” erectile dysfunction. Drugs don’t cure the problem either, but they make it possible for you to have sex. That is the point of the penis pump, one of the advantages of which is that it is much cheaper than the other possible solutions. The drugs for ED are very expensive, to say nothing of how invasive penile implant surgery might be. And nobody wants to inject their own penis just to get hard for a night, do they? We sure don’t want needles anywhere near our junk.

Q. Using a penis pump doesn’t seem very romantic or spontaneous.

A. We know it might seem that way, but to be honest, it doesn’t have to be awkward. Yes, if you spring your pump on a lady friend as a surprise, things might not go over well. That’s not the kind of thing most women want to see without warning. But the same is true for almost any sexual preference you have that is anything but plain vanilla when it comes to the world of kink out there. The fact is, there are a lot of women who think a penis pump is incredibly sexy. This is because, rather than being some clinical way for you to get pumped up and hard enough to do the deed, the pump can itself be an erotic enhancement for the bedroom that both of you use. Instead of using the pump on yourself, you explain to your lady how it works, and you let her put it on you and control the pumping action. Not only will this very likely turn her on, but she gets to have a hand in making your penis as big and hard as possible, which will definitely be a turn on once it is inside her. You will also find that it is a wonderful turn-on to have a woman pumping your penis to get it ready for sex with her. Done right, you may find that you prefer sex done this way. And of course there are many people out there who buy penis pumps, not because they need them to get an erection, but because they find the act of using them to be very stimulating. We encourage the use of our pumps for this purpose, and this is why we ourselves use them.

Q. How exactly does the penis pump work?

A. The penis pump is simply a vacuum tube. You place the pump over your penis, sometimes with lubricant depending on the instructions that come with your specific unit. The pump cylinder makes a seal against your skin at the base of your penis. Then you pump the pump, squeeze the lever or bulb, or switch on the electric motor if your pump is electric. This pumps air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum that draws blood into the penis and helps make your erection stronger, thicker, and sometimes longer. A pump typically will have a pressure relief valve so that if the suction gets too much, you can release it immediately. What you then do with your pump, and how you choose to enjoy it (and your partner), is entirely up to you.

Q. I’m worried people might find out I ordered from the site.

A. Well, they won’t find out about it from us. We practice total discretion when it comes to orders placed with us. Not only will your package arrive discreetly, uh, packaged, but your credit card statement will be similarly discreet so as not to embarrass you should anyone else read the statement. We never discuss orders with third parties, we never sell your credit card or billing information with any email list or other commercial entity, and we only retain those records necessary for tax and account purposes. You can order from us in complete confidence, trusting that we will respect your privacy.

Q. Should I tell my partner I use a penis pump?

A. When you’re just dating someone, there’s no need to drop that fact. It’s a little personal. But when you reach the point that you and a partner are thinking of having sex, that’s a great time to bring it up. Now, if you approach it clinically, or like you have a problem, you may run the risk of turning off your partner. But that’s why you don’t present it that way. Used correctly, a penis pump is a bedroom enhancement. It makes the experience more enjoyable for you both and it helps enhance your own confidence while introducing more adventure and excitement into your sex life. Treat it like that and present it like that… but yes, do tell your partner before the moment comes to take your clothes off, because this is something best discussed ahead of time to avoid killing the mood with unnecessary surprises.

Q. What payment methods and shipping do you accept and use?

A. We use all available commercial shipping methods to meet our customers’ needs. We ship discreetly and in discreet packaging. As for payment, we accept the major credit cards and other payment methods listed when you check out. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and we will never share your billing information with anyone.

Q. What are the risks and side effects of using a penis pump?

A. The nice thing about penis pumps is that compared to medications and surgery, they are non-invasive, cost-effective, and have few side effects. As mentioned elsewhere on this site and in this FAQ, some of the side effects may include red dots that appear on the skin of your penis as a result of the suction. You may feel your erections feel a little unusual when you use the pump, and when wearing a cock ring to retain your erection, you may feel like it is harder to ejaculate. These are all very mild symptoms that give most of our customers no trouble at all. Instead, they are just part of the process of getting used to using your pump.

Q. Does your site sell my information?

A. Absolutely not. We will never share your billing information with anyone. We also will not disclose your order to any third party. Your privacy is safe with us and we go to great pains to safeguard it.

Q. I thought penis pumps were just a joke in that comedy movie about the British spy.

A. We know the one you’re thinking of and, well, we guess this is the part where we admit that penis pumps really are our bag, baby. All joking aside, though, penis pumps are a real thing. They are a respected device in the medical community and, before the advent of modern erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis, were one of the few ways to treat erectile dysfunction without surgery. Our penis pumps are meant as marital aids and not sold primarily as medical-grade prescription devices. We sell them for the sheer enjoyment of sex, in other words. We think you’ll benefit from them immensely.